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 Empower Youth 

. . . empowering youth to create their own resources,
. . . reaching beyond their circmstances to be leaders of society

Empower Youth was founded in February 2015 to partner with children and youth in hopes of instilling in them the confidence and resources needed to break through the chains of generational poverty.

This organization is completely independent and functions under its own 501c3 and board.

Our board members come from different financial and community backgrounds adding more than ever to the brain and brawn of Empower Youth. It takes mind and muscle both to move a gap-filling organization into 4 school districts and into fundraising more than $80,000 in resources a year.

Our executive team include: Board President- Samantha Bock, Vice President- Jeff Diesel, Secretary – Pam Mansell, and Treasurer-James Hatch.

Scott Conley and Lori Conley are the founders of Empower Youth.  Scott serves as EY’s executive director. Much like a three legged race, our board president and our executive directors work in sync with one another– and when one tumbles they work together to lift and encourage the other.

As Empower Youth takes on new territory, we are always looking to add board members that can offer talents in new areas and who share our vision and heart for youth and young families.

Contact Empower Youth

P.O. Box 351

Bethel, Ohio  45106

Empower Youth Ranch Address

2800 State Route 125

Bethel, Ohio  45106

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